How to stay motivated to learn a foreign language?

Learning french to english is never easy, especially on your own. The first enthusiasm often subsides after a few months. How not to lose interest in learning a foreign language?

Get back to basics. All your attention is taken away by the learning process, and the original goal is forgotten. Remember what pushed you. For example, listen to the concert Il Volo, after which you want to understand Italian. Fall in love with the language all over again.
Increase self-discipline. This word is already boring. However, in training without discipline, nowhere. You don’t have to be negative about it. Try to make her your friend. Write out a plan and strategy for classes, but do not overdo it. If you can’t do something, don’t drive yourself into a corner.
Celebrate your successes. Praise and reward yourself for every mini-goal you complete. Let’s say you wrote a dictation for the first time without mistakes – eat a cake. Or you managed to explain yourself with a native speaker – buy delicious coffee.
Try to diversify your activities. Repetition is the mother of learning, but it will turn any interesting thing into a routine. Combine lessons with what you like. For example, you are fond of floristry. Learn the names of flowers in a foreign language, look for texts on this topic. Most likely, it will not be vocabulary for every day, but you will not get bored.

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