Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. About five hundred million people on our planet speak this language fluently and translate spanish to english. Do you want to be among them?

Learning a new language always has a lot of benefits. For example, for children, it promotes the development of critical thinking, improves memory, concentration and the ability to multitask. For adults, learning Spanish will also help increase the chances of getting a certain job, expand horizons in communication, culture.

The most interesting way to learn languages ​​is interactive. Below is a list of the best Spanish learning apps. It will captivate both adults and children.


Learn Spanish+ is one of the best and fastest ways to learn conversational Spanish. The application includes 101 lessons, more than a thousand useful phrases and 4000 interactive exercises, upon completion of which the dancing panda named Pingo congratulates you.

Learn Spanish+ will be especially useful during your vacation or business trip. The application will quickly help you with the phrases you need for travel, movement and communication.

Advanced speech recognition to help you pronounce words and translate arabic to english correctly, tons of interactive exercises that will keep you entertained, all in the Learn Spanish+ app.


The app helps users learn Spanish by improving their reading, writing and listening skills through a fun and interactive game.

In Duolingo, everyone is placed at a specific level that matches their knowledge. Performing various tasks, the level is constantly increasing.

Lessons usually last up to 10 minutes, so the app is suitable for people with busy schedules.

After completing the entire course, the user can continue to consolidate skills, review word cards and practice the language through translations.


SpeakEasy Spanish is a phrase book that contains the most important phrases in Spanish. Each sentence is accompanied by a translation and phonetic transcriptions.

The app also includes audio playback of phrases by a native speaker, both European and Latin American Spanish.

SpeakEasy Spanish is a great option for beginners.


One of the largest language learning apps. Busuu contains many features that help the user in learning: vocabulary trainer, curriculum, specialized courses, and grammar.

I would like to note that the syllabus feature makes this app convenient for those who are trying to fit learning Spanish into their busy schedule.


The application will help you in improving your language skills. Spanish Translator+ has an advanced translator, dictionary, verb conjugator, phrasebook, flashcards, vocabulary tests and more.

One of the features that makes the app unique is the personalization feature. You can add your own inserts in the form of pictures, notes and audio tracks to the dictionary. This is a fun and useful addition.

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