Fly to Turkey for tulips, lavender and roses

In Istanbul, the Tulip Festival (Istanbul Lale Festivali 2021) will begin on March 29 and continue until April 27. Very much anticipated event, because last year the holiday did not take place due to the coronavirus. The main venue is Emirgan Park. In 2019, they planted 2.8 million tulips, carpeted them and built sculptures. It’s a sight and you won’t forget!

Istanbul is not alone

In early April the Orange Blossom Carnival (Portakal Çiçeği Karnavali) takes place in Adana in the south of the country when the scent of tulips is in the air.

You should also take note of Isparta, a town about two hours drive from Antalya and turkish to english paragraph translator. It is called the “City of Roses” or the flower capital of Turkey. From mid-May to the end of June, the rose fields are in bloom. Bring back as a memento of these places, lukum, jam from the petals and cosmetics from local factories. From late June to late August stretch to the horizon stretch lilac fields – here they produce 90% of all Turkish lavender. Be sure to buy the lavandine flowers, which are particularly fragrant, and try the natural lavender ice cream.

How to get there: take a plane to Istanbul, tickets from ₽8310, then drive or take public transportation. And don’t forget to fill out the electronic forms.

An endemic is a plant or animal that lives only in a certain area and does not occur anywhere else in the world.

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