Analysis of the translation market. Albania

Albania is a country located in the southeastern part of Europe, the capital is the city of Tirana. Albanian is the official language, which is spoken by 97% of the country’s population.

Translation bureaus with english to bangla translation are located mainly in the city of Baku. They provide written, consecutive and simultaneous translation services. They also deal with the localization of multimedia materials, translation of video games and computer software.

Translation organizations provide services to individual entrepreneurs, large and small companies that need to translate documents on various topics: scientific, medical, legal, technical, commercial. We also provide translation services for other specialized texts, brochures, advertisements, catalogs, patents, manuals, contracts, websites and much more.

In addition to translation, professional text editing and proofreading is also carried out. In addition, there are so-called court interpreters who are invited to participate in court proceedings. Such a translator has no right to take this or that information out of the court process, therefore the customer is guaranteed in advance the non-disclosure of information and the professionalism of the translator.

Language options: Albanian, English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and other languages. There are bureaus that translate texts from Albanian into English, German, French, Russian and from English into Albanian.

Prices (indicated in the following currencies: Euro, US Dollar and Russian Ruble).

Standard translation – 1 page = 12 euros (12.79 $; 761.36)

Written translation of texts on various topics – 1 page = 18 euros ($ 19.19; 1142.04 rubles)

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