Are social networks worth promoting your services through them?

Many professional translators from English and other languages ​​doubt whether it is worth wasting their precious time promoting services through social media.

Some believe that it is not worth the time spent, others argue that it was through such sites that they acquired precious contacts for themselves that would otherwise be inaccessible. In fact, the effect will be visible only if the specialist chooses a wise approach in this matter. Let’s figure it out … The advantages of working with social networks are as follows.

They “move the arrows” to your site. This is the second most effective way to attract Internet users to your site. Search engines are still in the first place.

Group of Business People with Social Media Concept

Facilitate interaction with people. If you use them wisely, social networks provide an excellent opportunity to maintain contacts, interact with people: you can answer questions, solve problems, discuss any points of interest and concern to potential customers.
Help build business relationships with customers and colleagues. Undoubtedly, everything does not work out by itself, it takes time.
Draw attention to your interpreting services. What you talk about, what you post on your page, is somehow associated with the services you are promoting. If your posts are interesting and relevant to your audience, they will draw attention to you as a specialist.
They help your service to “light up” on the Internet. Social media will certainly not replace your own website, however, it is a great additional source of information about you. By the way, in this regard, it is worth registering on those sites that are used by the majority of your customers.
Keep in touch with what is happening. Social networks are a source of information not only about you, but also for you. By browsing the pages of colleagues, translation communities, you will learn about new trends in terms of technology, discover interesting facts for yourself, and increase the chance to participate in suitable translation projects.

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“Build bridges” to clients abroad. Social media removes geographic constraints by allowing important topics to be discussed online, eliminating the need to meet face-to-face.
Provide customers with an easy way to contact you. Some potential clients first carefully study your page, follow the news and reviews, comments (thanks to which they can notice the level of the translator’s literacy), and then they themselves offer to fulfill the order.
Shows your confident use of social platforms. For many companies, this serves as an important indicator (and for some it is a prerequisite).
Reduce the cost of the traditional promotion of your business. Most of these sites are free, so if you are adept at self-promotion, social media will help you to significantly reduce the amount in this line of expenses.
Don’t let you get bored with customers. Continuously sending emails to potential or existing customers is not the best way to communicate, as you may be considered an annoying “sticky” or worse, a spammer. Posting on social media is a more neutral way, and generally does not become a source of annoyance.
Remember: everything must be approached “head first”!

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