How to learn to learn quickly?

The ability to learn latin translation quickly is a major asset in our modern world. After all, who owns the information, he owns the world.

There are several ways to speed up the assimilation of new knowledge.

1. Teach others.

In the footsteps of a joke: “The teacher says to another teacher: – Well, I got a stupid class! I explain the theorem – they do not understand. I explain a second time. Do not understand! I will explain for the third time. I already understood. But they don’t understand…”

According to scientific research, if you are preparing to explain a topic, you begin to study it so that you yourself do not have any questions about it. And consequently, memorization will be better. The brain remembers what it has learned.

When studying a topic and understanding it better, try to divide the material into structural sections and highlight key points. So the assimilation will be more efficient and faster.

2. Study often, but not for long.

Scientists have found that short but frequent approaches to study are much more effective than long but infrequent ones. Try to keep the time given for the perception of information to be about 30-50 minutes. Less than 30 minutes is quite a short time for material supply. And more than 50 minutes is already long enough for the brain to be able to assimilate the material presented well. Take 10-15 minute breaks every 50 minutes. This will allow you to gain new strength for further learning.

3. Take notes by hand.

Take notes by hand. This will give you good associations with the material presented. When you write, you also speak at the same time, which means you repeat the material. Notes are key words, expressions, thoughts of the entire material.

4. Take breaks.

Breaks between approaches to study help to study more efficiently and memorization occurs much faster. Learning can be compared to watering the lawn. After all, watering 3 times for half an hour a week is much more effective than 1 watering for an hour and a half.

Try to repeat the received information in 2-3 days. So the brain understands that this information must be remembered and stored.

Breaks can also include sleep. Memorization of the material is better if you start learning it in the evening before going to bed, then take time to sleep, and repeat the material again in the morning. Such training will be much more effective than studying the material in the daytime.

5. Try different approaches

Try different approaches in materials study methods. First you can read, make notes. Then start studying with the help of computer programs. To consolidate the material, you can turn to the help of tutors or people who know the program.

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