Venetian language

One localism creates another, which gives birth to a third. In the Veneto region (northeastern Italy), most of the population uses the Venetian dialect or even the Venetian language in everyday communication. It has many options, so in practice we are not talking about a “pure language”, but about its many options including japanese translator. […]

Secrets of Successful Website Localization

Undoubtedly, personalized communication has replaced mass marketing strategies as the driving force behind successful advertising campaigns. This transition naturally highlights the importance of the different ways a company presents itself to overseas consumers. Accordingly, translation into many different languages ​​is steadily gaining popularity in the world of advertising and marketing campaigns. But while the creation […]

How not to upset your translation budget

The depersonalization of goods is sweeping across all industries. Products and services are becoming more monotonous, ordinary and affordable. The same cell phones are more and more similar to each other in their functions, size, shape. In the language sphere, translation services are also getting cheaper. But you can look at the question of the […]

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