How not to upset your translation budget

The depersonalization of goods is sweeping across all industries. Products and services are becoming more monotonous, ordinary and affordable.

The same cell phones are more and more similar to each other in their functions, size, shape. In the language sphere, translation services are also getting cheaper. But you can look at the question of the price for translation from the other side: the demand for translation of advertising and informational materials is growing, and the labor process itself has long been no longer just copying content into another language.
You get what you pay for
A question like “How much will all this cost?” always occurs at the very beginning of any translation and localization order.

At the same time, many companies found themselves in the following situation. The order is completed, the material is brought together, presented to the customer, and suddenly it becomes clear that the project is sewn with white threads. We’ll have to redo it. Perhaps the reason is a digital application. Perhaps the technical documentation was originally misspelled. Poor quality and cheap service often go hand in hand.

And how can translation agencies avoid such misunderstandings in the future?

Check, clean up, repeat
Editing is one of the most important stages of the translation process.

It is sometimes useful to compare the cost of a high-quality translation with the additional cost of a poor translation. Poor quality leads to negative first impressions of the company, which ultimately robs it of potential profit and loyal customers. Advertising campaigns sometimes cost millions, and yet such amounts can simply go to waste.

If the campaign has already been translated and there is a need to recheck, contact a trusted partner. The budget should leave room for such additional costs.

Check the translation in action

In the case of translation and localization of software, after checking the text, quality control should be carried out. This is an additional line of expense in the budget, however, it is important to make sure that the translated interface or the program itself will meet expectations and will not cause difficulties for the customer in the future work with it. Spelling and speech errors are checked using the language checking programs local in the country, there are also similar services that confirm that the software functions without problems and delays, the interface is easy to use, and also that no disruptions in work will spoil the user experience.

Invest now to save later

As far as cost is concerned, prices for translation services cover the entire possible range. Independent professionals charge less, but often do not have access to automated translation programs that help maintain standard versions for similar orders and speed up the entire process.

If today you set aside a certain amount for editing and quality control of software during localization, while improving the company’s image, then tomorrow you will save much more.

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